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Please note: These times are not accurate while the current COVID-19 restrictions are in place.  As of 9/12/20020, we currently have 3 weekday morning minyanim. The 'commuter minyan'  has a variable start time, 10 minutes earlier for Torah reading, 20 minutes earlier on Rosh Chodesh. The other 2 minyanim start at fixed times, one at 7:15 and one at 8:30am.  Selichos before Yom Kippur will start 20m before shacharis. Afternoon minyanim are as per the calendar. We are asking that people register for minyanim they plan to attend at this registration page. 


     Shacharis    Sun    7:00am, 7:50am, 9:00am (and legal holidays)    

     Shacharis    Mon & Thurs    6:20 & 7:20    

     Shacharis    Tues, Wed, & Fri    6:30 & 7:30    

     Shacharis    Rosh Chodesh    6:10 & 7:10    


     Mincha / Maariv    (year round) 11-15 mins before shkia, on 5's    


     Maariv    Winter Weekdays    8:30   



     Mincha / Maariv    Winter Fridays    6 mins after candlelighting


     Mincha / Maariv    Summer Fridays    7:15 pm    


     Shacharis    Shabbos    7:10am (indoor), 8:30am (outdoor), 9am (indoor)

                             (early minyan starts at 7AM on Rosh Chodesh)    

     Mincha    Shabbos    Approx 25 minutes before shkia    

     Maariv    Shabbos    50 minutes after shkia   


  • List of Forshay/Wesley Hills minyanim for the Summer (Legal Size Paper). Updated May 20, 2016     
  • List of Forshay/Wesley Hills minyanim for the Winter (Legal Size Paper). Updated Oct 30, 2018
  • Find a minyan (almost) anywhere at the updated Go Daven. This will open in a new window.   
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