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Many of the shiurim Rabbi Blass gives during the week are recorded and available on YU Torah.  You can listen to them on demand over here

Sunday: Rabbi Blass gives a shiur b'iyyun on Masechet Avoda Zara immediately following shacharis.

Monday (bi-weekly): Shiur for women at 8:15PM by Rabbi Blass. Topic and location in the weekly bulletin and the shul eBlast.

Tuesday: Group learning Masechet Avoda Zara in the shul at 8:45PM

Thursday: Chavrusas learning in the shul after Ma'ariv, approximately 8:45PM-9:30PM. Cholent available after learning.

After Shabbos (bi-weekly): Parent/Child learning at the shul when we are not on Daylight Savings Time. Learning begins approximately 45 minutes after shabbos ends. Pizza is provided and prizes are awarded!

Daf Yomi: The shul has an online, interactive Daf Yomi shiur, given by Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz, weeknights at 9:00pm. The daf for Friday is learned on Shabbos afternoon and the daf for Shabbos is learned Sunday morning after shacharis.  Online Daf Yomi details & instructions can be found here.


This schedule is subject to change due to conflicts. Please check the calendar or contact the Rabbi. If you would like to sponsor or host any of these events, please contact Rabbi Blass at



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