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Bentsch Gomel: Precarious Road Conditions

01/07/2014 03:43:33 PM


This question comes from our own Jonathon Teicher who inquired whether one would have to bentsch gomel after driving to Yavneh Academy on roads covered by ice. 

The question is not a simple one and ties into the complicated nature of Birchas HaGomel. The Mishna says in Meseches Berachos 54a that four people are obligated to praise G-d for being saved from a potentially dangerous situation. The four are (1) one who traveled...Read more...

The Proper Time To Light Chanukah Candles

11/28/2013 04:33:40 PM


One of the more confusing areas of hilchos Chanukah is the question of exactly  when should candles be lit. On face value the question is somewhat straightforward. After all the Gemara informs us that the proper time for lighting is from shekia (sundown) 'ad shetichle regel min hashuk' until people stop coming back from the marketplace. While there is a debate what is meant by the word shekia- sundown, most Rishonim interpret this...Read more...

The Rainbow Loom

11/13/2013 07:06:44 PM


The Rainbow Loom- A great fad, but can my kids use it on Shabbos

The following was largely taken from an article written by R' Yair Hoffman.
Fifth grade Ashar girls and Gedolei HaPoskim in Hilchos Shabbos finally have something very much in common. Both are very much excited about the new rainbow looms – albeit for quite different reasons.  For the Poskim, finally after all these years, the esoteric malachos of...Read more...

Lighting Menorah: Pirsumei Nissa Not Fulfilled

12/11/2012 05:52:36 PM


The question for this week comes from Shaya Lempel and others who ask.

"What is the halacha is in a situation in which one will not fulfill Pirsumei Nissa when they light. This would be the case if one comes home very late from work, or if one was in a conference in a location where no Jews lived."

Good question! We obviously know that pirsumei nissa (publicizing the miracle) is the driving force of the halacha of lighting the...Read more...

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