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Thoughts from R' Blass Part Three

09/15/2011 04:23:31 PM


"A holy Jew who I have the privilege of knowing well, recently returned from the Far East where he spent a few days in an exceedingly impoverished part of the world. He sent me an e-mail describing some of what he saw in his stay there.    

His e-mail stimulated thoughts about the lives that most of us lead. Often we feel worn down, anxious, nervous about money, frustrated with our children etc. If told to step back and evaluate our lives, we would gladly and without hesitation acknowledge how blessed our existences truly are.    

The question is do we feel passionate about that experience of feeling blessed, do we feel almost consumed with the sense that we have received enormous shefa (bounty) from the Ribbono She'll Olam. What is our first impulse in evaluating our life? What is our initial reaction to inquiries about our well being? Are we conveying to ourselves, our acquaintances and children the absolute wonder of being able to live on G-ds earth and to be able to be partners with our maker in sanctifying and bringing goodness to the world. Not to sound harsh, but shame on all of us for traversing through the moments of our lives oblivious to the fact that we are literally existing in a life that our grandparents and great grandparents, and for that matter most of the world, only fathomed in the world of dreams and fantasies.  

Let us all commit ourselves this Elul to taking seriously the idea of change and self- improvement. Let us take moments to examine every facet of our life and in doing so walk away humbled-  deeply appreciative of the lives that we are blessed to lead." Warmly R' Blass



Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyyar 5781