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Attending KBY Minyan

Please register with the form below.   One PER PERSON (NOT per family)

Going forward, the outdoor Minyan will take place in the farther half of the parking. Please park in the nearer half of the parking lot (before the second lamppost on the right). Please do NOT park on the grass or in the fire lane under any circumstance!!!

Please be mindful of the following rules and guidelines which are all being done in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Anyone not complying with the Shul’s guidelines will be asked to leave. Signup is on a "First Come First Serve" basis.

Phase 4

  • Indoor Main Shul (35 men maximum downstairs; 2 women maximum downstairs;  18 women maximum upstairs)
  • All outdoor Minyanim are weather permitted
  • Indoor Minyan: Participants must wear masks over their mouths and noses while indoors. No exceptions!  KBY will not provide masks. Those who arrive without masks for indoor Minyan, will be asked to leave.
  • Outdoor Minyan: There is NO requirement for masks while social distancing is maintained and at least 10' apart. Participants must wear masks for less than 10' apart.
  • Aliyot may be given out to those members who wish to receive them. One should notify the Gabbai if they're not comfortable in getting an Aliyah.
  • Members are required to bring their own Siddur & Chumash
  • Children under age 12 will not be allowed at this time
  • Adults with significant medical issues, are encouraged to not attend at this time 
  • Use hand sanitizer if any shared objects were touched inadvertently. 
  • Bathrooms – usage is one at a time.
  • Absolutely no congregating in the hallways during davening, or before & after Minyan.
  • No crossovers between Minyanim. Please attend only the Minyan for which you've registered.
  • Absolutely no Kiddushim, food or drinks are allowed at this time.
  • If you do not feel well in the slightest way - PLEASE STAY HOME!!!! 

Please follow updates closely as restrictions and guidelines are expected to change relatively quickly

You will get an email receipt here.
Please register for the following Shabbat Minyanim:


Mon, August 3 2020 13 Av 5780